From the Christian ministry perspective a “NETWORK” describes a group of ministers, churches, organisations and/or people who are interrelated together to link their vision, resources, products, and people in one unified purpose. A name and organized structure is established with levels of leadership responsibilities, to fulfil the vision and the purpose of the ministry.
Living word network and consulting ministry (LIWONETCOM) is a Ministry carrying out revivalism and reformation in churches and organisations to help them to properly succeed in their heavenly mandate here on earth. LIWONETCOM gives orientation and supervision to ministers, leaders and business people in order to enable them succeed in their visions and endeavours as God intended. Our goal is to provide a relationship, for the above mentioned people, to help them to be established in biblical truths, under true Apostolic/Prophetic anointing and accountability.
Also, to carry out consulting ministry in churches and/or Christian organisations.
LIWONETCOM is committed to the growth and development of all churches and godly organisations, ministers, Leaders, business people, families and saints under her supervision as well as to help them have the full restoration of all what God promised them (Acts 3:21) and also to help them in the preparation of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our main commission or mandate from Jesus Christ is to activate the offices of those in the ARMY OF JESUS CHRIST and cause revival in their minds and hearts, so as to give them a sense of reformation as Christian organisations and the church of Jesus Christ which will cause maturity so that they can grow well and be in good health (Eph. 4:14-16).
Our goal as a ministry to Nations is to establish biblical practices, principles and/or biblical truths of the Apostolic–Prophetic ministry Movement in the ARMY OF THE LORD (1Cor. 9:7) so that there will be revival and reformation in the kingdoms of this world. This is being done with integrity and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, with a strong relationship and submission to one another in love.
LIWONETCOM is pioneering and establishing the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement truths and ministries into the divine Army, the Christian organisation and/or the church. We are dedicated as a ministry to build together, with Jesus Christ as the Chief cornerstone (Eph.2:20) and the commanding officer (II Ti. 2:4) as the Almighty God intended. If you have the same vision and are of the same mind then join us to co-labour with Christ, to cause his kingdom which has been established over all the kingdoms of this world to be prosperous here on earth as it is in heaven (Mtt. 6:9-10).
LIWONETCOM is mandated to fight against all anti-biblical truths and restore all the said biblical truths, for the good health of the Christian organisations and/or the church of our lord Jesus Christ, in order to guarantee their progress in life, to see to it that the Christian elite can emerge;Mic4:1-5.
LIWONETCOM is in the leadership and/or priesthood of Jesus Christ-the priest, the High priest and the Great High priest (the Bishop and Archbishop of the CHURCH world-wide in the contemporary) and believes that salvation has been brought to the earth for all to fully enjoy it according to Heb 7:16, 26; Ps 74 : 12