The church ministry (The living word church) supervises and coordinates all the activities of the church. It is the spiritual empowering arm of the mission, raising spirit filled men and women capable of rendering quality services unto God Almighty. This was the first ministry to emerge when the mission was founded and made public. Living word church is governed by a church synod, this synod is answerable to the Episcopal synod of the mission (National Apostolic Synod). Presently the church synod runs two area councils viz; Bonaberi and New-priso. Each area council has a district organization with chapels and cathedral, with well defined functional structures. The cathedral and chapels are run by well trained and ordained ministers with the following departments under their responsibilities.

  • Music ministry
  • Outreach ministry
  • Women ministry
  • Men ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Children ministry

The church ministry has at present 3 ordained apostles, 3 reverend ministers, 4 pastors and several consecrated leaders.

Days for services
Tuesday : 6 – 8 pm : Bible studies
Wednesday : 6 – 8 pm : Women of the church
Thursday : 6 – 8 pm : Divine healing women ministry (Raphawo)
Friday : 12 – 3 pm : Deliverance and prophetic service
: 6 – 8 pm : Prayer and deliverance service
Saturday : 4 – 7 pm : General intercessory service
Sunday : 10 am – 1 pm: worship
Annual seminars/conferences and convention
April : Easter seminar / first fruit festival
July : Thanks – giving festival
November : Broad – based convention
December : Ingathering festival/ prophetic praise night