C.H.S is a humanitarian and non-governmental organization headed by Apostle Dr. Mrs. Baiyetambi Deborah Bih. It is an arm of the Humanitarian and social welfare ministry of Living Word and
Life Mission Int’l (LIWOLIMI) carrying out its services as an extension.

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Baiyetambi Theresia

Apostle Dr. Mrs. Baiyetambi Deborah Bih
Director Of C.H.S


Christian Humanitarian Service is a humanitarian and non-governmental organization, an extension of the Living Word and Life Mission Int’l. Due to the numerous challenges faced by the less privileged and the vulnerable persons in the societies of Cameroon, this humanitarian service was created with the aim of reaching such classes of persons mentioned above, by identifying their needs and potentials and therefore proceeding in their transformation spiritually and physically. We nurture their potentials so that they can reflect the values of their present society by becoming able men and women who are no longer liabilities but valuable to serve others. We are determined and committed by God’s grace to bring out the Christ like values hidden in less privileged and vulnerable persons.

One of the reasons for the creation of ‘Christian Humanitarian Service’ is due to the fact that we realized a lot of challenges faced by the underprivileged and vulnerable persons which were being neglected by the social arm of the government, other humanitarian associations and private social actors. We deemed it necessary to create a humanitarian service to handle such lapses and neglects. We realized the following problems below :
a) The neglect of children from poor parents
Cameroon rural and urban population constitutes about 60% of such children. Most of them have dropped out from school or learning a trade
because their parents cannot afford for their fees. As a result, these children end up becoming street children, they are being exploited by doing risky odd jobs and some have become street beggers.
b) Pregnant abundant single mothers
There is also the problem of many single mothers who got pregnant by rape and some the fathers of the children refused to assume their responsibilities,
thus leaving the women to carry the load alone which is really a huge load the single mothers cannot afford. Due to the above mentioned challenges, they are bound to abort the babies, risking their lives or they will put to birth and then throw away the child if no assistance like psychological, spiritual or financial is given.
c) Orphans and widows :
There is a significant number of orphans and widows especially in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. This is because their parents and or spouses have been killed as a result of the civil war going on in the Anglophone regions. These orphans and widows have been abandoned and they are facing serious challenges in life.
d) Internally displaced persons
These are those from the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. This is a serious issue to be looked upon. Thousands have fled from these regions to safer zones because of the civil war arriving in these places. Most of the displaced persons have no place to sleep, no food to eat, and are psychologically
challenged, morally tortured, and need spiritual and material assistance.

a) For children from poor parents
We are envisaging the establishment of dormitories to house them, by taking them off the streets and from child labor so that we can send back to school to study, and for those who need to learn a trade, they will be channeled to the appropriate quarters for such. We envisage supplying their needs from basic to major.
b) Pregnant abandoned single mothers
We also envisage lodging them in dormitories so that we can take care of their needs e.g. maternity, medical consultation and delivery. After birth, we will have to take care of the needs of their babies, this will help to reduce the rate of abortion and abandoning of babies by road side. We will
train these mothers in our workshop, where they will have to learn a trade so that from it they may be able to make a living and in turn supply the needs of their babies as they grow up. Our spiritual centers will be there also to build their morals and hope through the word of God.
c) For orphans and widows
We envisage lodging them in our orphanage and widow facilities, so that we can train them in the craftsmanship workshop and educate them to enable them become valuable persons in the society and this will enable them take care of their future needs and offer assistance to their families.
d) The internally displaced persons
Due to their large numbers, we don’t yet have the needed facilities to lodge them but we could be of help to them by providing food stuffs in our established delivery points, especially to the vulnerable and aged persons.
We also envisage offering training and education to children of internally displaced parents free of charge

We are very certain to be successful due to our commitment and determination, not leaving out God’s grace, which is the main source of our strength. We love our work and serve the people with passion and love. We have qualified, well trained men and women, vested with humanitarian skills who are volunteers, and want to see the needs of many being reached.

So set up a complex, fit, structured with the following sub sections :
a) Primary and comprehensive secondary/high schools to educate these less privileged and vulnerable persons.
b) Craftsmanship centers, to train the less privileged and vulnerable persons in craftsmanship e.g. sewing/needle works, carpentry /wood works and craft works e.g. basket weaving and sculpturing.
c) Health centers which will later on grow to a full hospital for free treatment and supplies of medication for the less privileged and vulnerable persons living in our center or complex.
d) Church chapel, to build them morally and spiritually by giving them hope and aspiration for a better future, through the word of God, so that they could depend loyally on God and reflect Christ like values in the society.


Transportation and mobility10,000,000
Feeding per year15,000,000
Stationaries and machines20,000,000
Stipend for volunteering per year10,000,000
Bills per year5,000,000
One hundred million FRS cfa