Three Levels of LIWONETCOM’s Relationship


Candidates for ordination are those who are convinced of their calling in ministry and whose conviction is to be committed to the work of ministry and dependable on LIWONETCOM for their primary activities in Apostolic –Prophetic covering. Our goal is to bring the candidate to maturity in their various fields of endeavours in the kingdom of God, ensuring of course that the five – fold ministry and other ministry gifts are upheld to biblical standard.
Ordination/consecration with LIWONETCOM is by an anointed apostolic-prophetic synod in episcopacy, with the capacity to activate and commission the ordained/consecrated ministers into active mission as God intended for them. The devotee must meet biblical qualifications and requirements for eldership as set forth in I Timothy chapter three and Titus chapter one. Candidates will pursue and mature their ministry, fashioned after the 10M’s of ministry, in agreement with our statement of faith. As an ordained minister of LIWONETCOM, a financial support to a commitment as signed in a Covenant form is established between LIWONETCOM and the ordained minister.

Ministerial License

LIWONETCOM will directly license individuals who are actively involved in their godly mission and showing proof of the call of God upon their lives. They must be in submission to their leadership and be part of a local body of believers who recognizes the five-fold ministry and/or other ministry call upon their life. The candidate should agree with the LIWONETCOM’s tenets of faith and pledge for regular financial support into the kingdom of God for LIWONETCOM. Those licensed must sign the Covenant form.

Covenant Partners

Covenant Partners are those who believe in the work and ministry of His Eminence, Archbishop Prof. Noah E. Baiyetambi and his leadership. Covenant Partners are saints who financially support with regular offerings so that they can draw the father’s blessings from the Apostolic anointing. These partners consider themselves to be friends of LIWONETCOM but might not want any affiliation as an ordained or a licensed minister and also can be in the consulting network or ministry.