Key information

This Christian University is internationally affiliated with the American mission teams (AMT) and accredited by St. Thomas A. Becket institute and university, Canterbury, United Kingdom. It presently runs two faculties viz: Theology and Business management, and possess a quality staff of lecturers. Living word college and university is to expose business principles and /or techniques, to activate the potential workers and give them appropriate skills and techniques for their calling and professional career and to stir up the gifts in potential workers. This will enable proper work perspectives, excellence and success of the individual. Every potential worker needs to be trained if proper and/or excellent career or ministry is required. Enjoy your time and career in this Christian University, while you press hard on the things of God in your calling or profession.

Faculty of Theology

This faculty offers program which permit you to earn : Associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in different fields of Theology.

Associate degree program

  • Biblical studies
  • Bible Theology
  • Ministry

Bachelor degree program

  • Biblical studies
  • Christian education
  • Pastoral studies
  • Bible Theology
  • Ministry

Master’s and doctorate degree program

  • Ministry
  • Christian education
  • Pastoral psychology
  • Pastoral ministry

Faculty of Business management

This faculty offers programs which permit you earn a bachelor and a master’s of science degree in the following disciplines

  • Banking and finance
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resource management
  • Insurance management
  • Management


We possess a quality staff of administrators, lectures and professors.

  • His Eminence, Most Revd Prof. Noah E. Baiyetambi, the chancellor, is a church management consultant and holds a professorship in biblical homiletics and theology.
  • Apostle Dr. William Neba, the vice chancellor, master’s degree in Human resource management and a doctorate degree (DA) in Christian education.
  • Rev. Dr. Ndum-bung, Dean of studies, a chattered manager, holds a Doctorate degree in political science
  • Mr Echu Johnson, (lecturer), a financial administrator holds an MBA in financial management.
  • Mr Ashu James (lecturer), MBA in accounting and finance
  • Mr Romanus (lecturer) Bachelor’s degree in Management science
  • Rev. Manget (lecturer) Bachelor’s degree in law and a diploma in Management


  • An application form correctly filled
  • Photocopy of your highest certificate or transcript.
  • Two recent passport size photos
  • One realm of A4 papers
  • A payment receipt of 25.000frs, non-refundable application fee
  • A flat file carrying your full names, department and faculty (in capital letters).


  • Years 1 and 2 Business management students : 275000frs/year
  • Year 3 Business management students : 300000frs/year
  • Master’s degree in Management : 500000frs/year
  • Associate degree in Theology : 150000frs/year
  • Bachelor’s degree in Theology : 175000frs/year
  • Master’s degree in Theology : 250000frs/year
  • Doctorate degree in Theology : 350000frs/year

Graduation fees

  • Diploma students : 20000frs
  • Associate students : 25000frs
  • Bachelor’s students : 30000frs
  • Master’s students : 40000frs
  • Doctorate students : 50000frs

Days and time for classes

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Admission requirement form

Main campus

The Apostolic SEE, International headquarters of the mission, opposite camtel, rue Eyoum Njoh, behind CEBEC hospital, Bonaberi, Douala – Cameroon.


Chancellery : (+237) 677 559 342
Deanery : (+237) 650 508 463
Email :