Key information

This school is a Christian institution and part of Living word and life mission international. In a world where the integrity and moral values of young generation is gradually fading as a result of wrong association and negative images projected by the media, the education council of the mission thought it necessary to set up a school to inculcate God’s moral values and integrity through education into our young ones who will be leaders of tomorrow.

The following makes our difference

  • All the children are expected to be in school uniform. Samples of the uniform are available in the office
  • Cleanliness is one of our prime objectives. A clean child is a healthy child, as the saying goes, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. The school will not tolerate any aspect of dirtiness. Children will be inspected at the gate for cleanliness one month after the re-opening date before they can be allowed into the school campus.
  • Parents are expected to make sure that their children have the required documents demanded by the school authority for studies.
  • Parents should make sure children have their snacks in their school bags. All these will be inspected at the gate.
  • Parents should not permit children to come to school alone. They should always accompany them except those that are picked up by the school bus.
  • Parents should ensure they write children’s names on all their school materials before the first day in school.
  • Parents should always endeavor to notify the administration for any anomalies or negative occurrence as early as possible.

Classes available

  • Pre-nursery for 2 years old kids
  • Nursery 1 for 3 years old kids
  • Nursery 2 for 4 years old kids


Class1st installment during registration2nd installment before November 3rdinstallment before marchTotal
Nursery 140000frs15000frs5000frs60000frs
Nursery 250000frs15000frs5000frs70000frs

Hours for classes

School opens from Monday to Friday at 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. Parents are expected to respect this time in bringing their children and getting them back home. The school will not be responsible for any child 30 minutes after closing.

Requirements for admission

  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Photocopy of vaccination card
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • 10000frs non refundable registration fee


We have well trained and qualified staff, capable of meeting your expected results.