Our mission

  • To reach the world with the gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  • To raise a dynamic and end time army of the lord
  • To educate and train gifted ministers of the lord Jesus Christ so as to preach the gospel of salvation and set the oppressed and captives of the kingdom of Satan free and also train men and women of different professions to be of godly use on the surface earth.
  • To extend the solidarity and love of our lord and savior Jesus Christ to the poor and less privileged ones.
  • To provide standard and quality education to the masses, based on God’s principles and truth
  • To expose apostolic and prophetic truths to the 21st century church, so as to liberate captives, transfer wealth into the church, revolutionize nations and build the kingdom of God.
  • To render quality service unto the lord God Almighty